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YMCA NGS Brisbane 11-14 February 2019​​

Thank-you to all delegates for a great meeting. ​

Whole group.jpg​​Brisbane iphone2.bmpCarlos.jpg
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YMCA of Brisbane Thrive Framework 2019.pdfYMCA of Brisbane Thrive Framework 2019
YMCA of Brisbane Thrive Framework Overview.pdfYMCA of Brisbane Thrive Framework Overview
YMCA of Brisbane Wellbeing Group Programs 2019.pdfYMCA of Brisbane Wellbeing Group Programs 2019
YMCA of Brisbane Evaluation and Learning Framework Development Methodology 2019.pdfYMCA of Brisbane Evaluation and Learning Framework Development Methodology 2019
YMCA Housing Indicators and Data Collection.pdfYMCA Housing Indicators and Data Collection
YMCA Housing Scales.pdfYMCA Housing Scales
YMCA Housing Data Collection Time.pdfYMCA Housing Data Collection Time
YMCA Housing Program Logic.pdfYMCA Housing Program Logic
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13/02/2019Collaboration Discussion Topics.pdfCollaboration Discussion Topics
13/02/2019Financial Sustainability Discussion Topics.pdfFinancial Sustainability Discussion Topics
13/02/2019Mission Relevance Discussion Topics.pdfMission Relevance Discussion Topics
11/02/2019Regional Feedback.pdfRegional Feedback
NGS Agenda.pdfNGS Agenda
DJ Forza contact information.pdfDJ Forza contact information
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14/02/2019Our Collective Identity.pdfOur Collective IdentityCarlos Sanvee
14/02/2019World Challenge.pdfWorld Challenge
14/02/2019NGS Closing 15.2.19.pdfNGS Closing 15.2.19Carlos Sanvee
14/02/2019YCI Audience Testing Results and Recommendations.pdfYCI Audience Testing Results and RecommendationsLeigh Daynes
14/02/2019YCI Theory of Change.pdfYCI Theory of ChangeLeigh Daynes
14/02/2019YCI Draft Strategy Summary Framework.pdfYCI Draft Strategy Summary FrameworkLeigh Daynes
13/02/2019Movement Relevance.pdfMovement RelevanceKarin Olsson
13/02/2019Financial Sustainability.pdfFinancial SustainabilityKerry Reilly
13/02/2019Broken Hill Presentation - Collaboration.pdfBroken Hill Presentation - CollaborationSusannah Le Bron, YMCA NSW
12/02/2019Building Successful 21st Century Lives And Careers On A Healthy Planet.pdfBuilding Successful 21st Century Lives And Careers On A Healthy PlanetPeter Ellyard
12/02/2019What Does Digital Mean to the YMCA.pdfWhat Does Digital Mean to the YMCAZorawar Singh, AT Kearney
12/02/2019New Work Order.pdfNew Work OrderJan Owen, Foundation For Young Australians
11/02/2019NGS Presentation.pdfNGS PresentationCarlos Sanvee
11/02/2019NGS Welcome.pdfNGS WelcomeMelinda Crole
11/02/2019Welcome to Country.pdfWelcome to Country
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YMCA Australia is a federated organization consisting of 18 Associations, aligned in strategy, culture and action.

We are in over 500 communities in every state of Australia offering a range of programs and services, from health & wellbeing, sport & recreation, aquatics, camping & outdoor education, disability services, children's programs and services and youth specific programs. In the 2017-2018 financial year we recorded over 28 million participations across our programs, services and activities.

We have a shared purpose around empowering young people, an agreed strategy and we are working together in areas of procurement and key organizational decisions, with regular Movement leadership engagement activities and national leadership projects.

Our collective One Y journey is about unlocking our true potential and uncovering the best way to mobilise our resources to bring to life our purpose – in order to benefit more people and communities, more deeply and more often. For more information: see our Community Impact Report 2018, our YMCA Australia website and join our YMCA Australia Facebook page.