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​​​​YMCAs across Australia appoint Young CEOs for a Day

YMCAs around Australia will be led by young people, aged 18 to 30, this Friday, March 31, 2017 - marking the beginning of National Youth Week. Two of our young CEOs have also been appointed as State Ministers for Youth for the day – in Brisbane, South Australia – and one in Victoria will shadow the existing Youth Affairs Minister.

The Young YMCA CEOs across the country are passionate about a range of issues affecting children and young people including unemployment, homelessness, suicide and mental health issues, safety, obesity, disability, disadvantage and affordable, accessible training courses for youth.

For more information please contact YMCA's Youth Empowerment Coordinator, Steven Dupon on Steven.Dupon@ymca.org.au

​​​​​​​YMCA WA

Alannah Hall

YMCA WA has appointed Alannah Hall, aged 19, as their CEO for a Day, this Friday, March 31, which marks the beginning of national youth week. Allana is passionate about drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, suicide and mental health issues.

"Firstly I want to touch on mental health issues as so many young people struggle with mental health problems. Secondly I'd like to address homelessness in the community especially within youth, because I find it really sad and confronting, and thirdly drug and alcohol abuse in young people. I'd also like to discuss the exciting possibilities for young people with employment."    

Alannah Hall.png 


Maverick Knight

Maverick Knight is taking on the role of Young CEO of the Day for YMCA Manningham this Friday. He is passionate about young people and getting them engaged and connected in the community and being a strong voice. His issue for the day is more affordable training for young people in the Manningham area. He will be meeting with the Mayor of Manningham City Council as part of his big day. 

Maverick Knight.jpg


Carli Mitchell

​Carli Mitchell is 23 years old, and works with the YMCA at the Ballarat Specialist School (as 2IC and lead communicator). Carli has been nominated as YMCA Ballarat's Young CEO of the Day this Friday.

Carli says "I have gained a huge passion for working with young disadvantaged children and children with disabilities, the YMCA has given me so many opportunities not only to help other people in the community but to grow as a person myself!"​

Carli Mitchell 1.jpg


Carla Steele

Carla will be YMCA Whittlesea's CEO for a day this Friday. She is passionate about making a positive impact in her community. Her focus on the day will be to assist staff with their personal health and wellbeing, including 'down time' at the end of the week. She is also initiating a fundraiser for YMCA's Open Doors program in her local community.

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Matt Roussis

"I am so excited for the opportunity to be CEO of the YMCA NSW for a day. Not many 18 year olds get to lead a much-loved movement like the Y," Roussis said.

"I am looking forward to upholding the organisation's core values while having my own say and providing suggestions about how YMCA NSW can further improve opportunities and experiences for young people.​

"I think it is great because it gives the youth an opportunity to actually get an experience in such a high level role at such a young age," he said.

Matt Roussis 1.jpg


Amanda Gailiss

As YMCA Australia's Young CEO for the day, Amanda Gailiss, who is the current YMCA Victoria Youth Parliament Youth Governor, will also shadow the Victorian Minister for Youth Affairs.

Amanda will have the opportunity to raise an issue she's passionate about and use the organisation's networks and operations to create positive change in her community. Amanda is passionate about mental health issues, and is calling for mental health first aid in each YMCA in Australia, to equip YMCA employees to deal with people during a mental health crisis, who may be suicidal, or experiencing a traumatic situation.

Amanda has been passionately debating areas of interest for over six months with Tom Elliott on a regular weekly radio spot on 3AW Radio. These areas include the refugee policy and tackling drugs, recommending that Australia follow Portugal's model of tackling drug use, offering therapy or community service orders rather than being charged.




Jayden Parsons

Jayden will be addressing Youth Cohesiveness and connectivity amongst the wider operations within the YMCA Brisbane. He wants to ensure that staff are aware of the larger contribution they are making to the success of the YMCA and its youth empowerment mission.

He has been involved in the YMCA seven years now, starting as a participant with the YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament, as a member of the executive of that program and more recently took on the role of Youth Development Coordinator at the YMCA Brisbane.

Catherine Cassells, YMCA Brisbane's Youth Governor will be Acting Minister for Youth on the day.

Caption: Jayden Parsons (left) with Mathai Joshi, executive member of the YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament (right)

jayden parsons resized.jpg 


Caidie Swayne

Caidie is a young lady that is deeply passionate about the growing number of young people who are disengaged with community, families and education resulting in increase of crime, drug and alcohol abuse, self-harm and low socio economic environments.

Caidie and a team of young staff at YMCA Geelong have developed a program which helps the youth find the spark; the purpose they have and the reason for connecting with others but most importantly we seek to empower them to be the best they can be.

Caidie has been with YMCA Geelong for 2 ½ years after joining as a trainee customer service officer.  She has grown as an individual and developed  numerous life skills and business skills in this time and never shy's away for putting her hand up to take on a challenge not matter how enormous it may seem. She bring people along the journey and listens to their needs. Caidie now oversees the co-ordination of a 1200 member gymnastics club and her true passion is in the youth development space.

Caidie Swayne - Trainee -Customer Service (1) (002).jpg 


Anthony Secoulidis

Meet Anthony Secoulidis who will be stepping up to be CEO of YMCA Victoria for a day.
As Young CEO for the Day at YMCA Victoria, Anthony will step into the corner office - meeting with members of YMCA Victoria's Board and senior leaders to work on staff and volunteer engagement strategies. Peter Burns, YMCA Victoria's CEO, will be covering Anthony's Lifeguard shift at the pool!

Anthony Secoulidis.jpg


Danielle Sayers and Tayla Falconer ​

YMCA Grampians Region has appointed two young CEOs for a Day on Friday, March 31, Tayla Falconer and Danielle Sayers - both 18 years old. Tayla is passionate about health and fitness in young people and wants to see a change in obesity levels in the next generation. Danielle has a passion for children's safety and will be developing a project around education our children, staff and parents/caregivers about road safety. Go girls!

Danielle Sayers.jpgTayla Falconer.jpg


Maddee Knill

Maddee is 19 years old and she has been involved with the YMCA for a number of years. She first participated in Youth Parliament in 2014, then returned as part of the volunteer Taskforce in 2016 and 2017.​

"I would love to see what it is like to be a CEO. The title is always something that seems out of reach as it is generally a male dominated field. I would love to achieve the confidence to continue to aim high," Madddee said.​

Appurva Raaj, YMCA SA’s Youth Parliament Youth Governor, has been appointed as the Minister for Youth in SA as well on the day.

Maddee Knill.jpg


Megan Shellie

Megan is the Chair of the Youth Advisory Committee, a newly established committee to be the youth voice of the Y. She is really passionate about improving the lives of young people, through education and employment. 

Megan said "I'm very honoured and excited to be YMCA Canberra Young CEO for the Day. The YAC is particularly focused this year on three key areas, reducing the cost of living for young people, addressing climbing rates of young people suffering 'social and study' related stress and giving young people the employment and job skills they need for 21st century jobs.  I'm using the opportunity of CEO for a Day to spread the word about YAC, the work we're doing, the opportunities this presents for staff at the Y and of course, the experiences our staff have of working with young people, and in many cases being young people themselves!"

"The opportunity to be CEO for a Day is more than just sitting in a comfy chair and lobbying for better snacks in the staff room. It's an opportunity to engage in the future of the YMCA, and speak about the issues that matter, to help our young people," Megan said.













Premier for the day - Catherine Bio.jpg

Catherine Cassells, YMCA Brisbane’s Youth Parl​iament Youth Governor, has been appointed Acting Minister for Youth for a Day in Brisbane.


Amanda Gail​iss, Y​​​MCA Victoria's Youth Parliament Youth Govern​​or will shadow the Victoria​n Minister for Youth Affairs in Melbourne.

appurva raaj.JPG

Appurva Raaj, ​​YM​​​​​CA SA’s Youth Parliament Youth Governor, has been appointed as the Ministe​​r​ for​ Yout​​h in Adelaide.​