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Apr 21
What you need to know about Generation Z

At the YMCA we believe in the power of inspired young people. And when we say young people, we mean 12 to 22 year olds. They're dubbed 'Generation Z'. Born between 2010 and 1995 it's the generation that follows the "Millennial" generation.

values of a generation img.fw.pngGeneration Z is the first generation brought up with technology from birth. For this generation technology is a given and a tool. They are empowered by it, not obsessed with it. They will use technology, not be consumed by it. As a result culture will increasingly be made and broadcast using technology.

As this generation grows up in the wake of the recession they are told continuously that robots and automation will disrupt employment and there will no work for them. They are forced to think entrepreneurially and will seek training from a young age to create their own jobs. This uncertainty contributes to a sense of anxiety about the future.

"Generation Z are empowered by technology, not consumed by it"

Generation Z highly values education but not in an institutional way. Work is specialised and not easily covered in generalist degrees. Information and knowledge is freely available through the internet and Generation Z will increasingly be self-educated. This leads to increased equality for anyone with internet access. Access to these tools will provide equal opportunities to achieve in life.

0900722 538.jpgThe world will be increasingly open-source and ownership will gradually disappear. They will be less likely to buy a house, own patents, own Intellectual Property (IP). Value doesn't necessarily sit with owning a product or piece of information, it sits with how you use it; the service that derives from it.

Globalisation will continue to be a key feature shaping this generation. They will expect global approaches to social and environmental issues. To achieve this Generation Z will collaborate more than any previous generation. This global collaborative mindset will encourage this generation to make a difference and solve the problems previous generation have burdened them with. Generation Z will be activists and work collaboratively towards a more sustainable world.

All power to them!

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