Congratulations to all the nominees of 2018!  ​

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​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​Award Nominees 2018


*denotes winner in category 

Staff Member of the Year

YMCA Brisbane, Menny Monahan

YMCA NSW, Marilyn Oliver*

YMCA Victoria, Emma Hosking

YMCA WA, Elizabeth Wolfenden

YMCA Whittlesea, Jet Cool Do


Volunteer of the Year

YMCA Brisbane, Kerry Holst*

YMCA Victoria, Rebecca Brooker

YMCA Whittlesea, Marjorie Moroney


IC Howard/Y Service Clubs Staff Scholarship

YMCA Brisbane, Todd Jeanes

YMCA Geelong, Lachlan Graham*

YMCA Whittlesea, Annette Jurisch


The Power of Inspired Young People

YMCA Brisbane, Kelly Moore*

YMCA NSW, Patrick O’Meara

YMCA Victoria, Abdullahi Mohamed

YMCA WA, Kim Ransfield


Safeguarding Extended Guardian Award

YMCA Victoria, Emily Moody*

YMCA NSW, Broken Hill Staff Team



Program of Excellence

YMCA Brisbane, Cancer Survivor Program

YMCA Canberra, Space Squad

YMCA Geelong, GPS Adventures

YMCA NSW, StreetgYm

YMCA Victoria, Youth For Causes*

YMCA WA, Remote School Attendance Strategy (RSAS); Newman Region

YMCA Whittlesea, WRAP Basketball