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YMCA Swimathon winds up

In 2018, the YMCA announced it would be pausing to review the future of the YMCA Swimathon. After seven years and raising over $1.4 million, we felt it was time to take stock and ensure it was meeting our organisational objectives.

In December 2019 we announce that the YMCA Swimathon will no longer continue.The past two years at the YMCA have seen significant change, and with change often comes difficult decisions​.

This was far from an easy decision. We are forever grateful for what all our fundraisers, participants and donors have done for people in need in your community. Your efforts helped fund our Swimability program in NSW, Deaf and Hard of Hearing lessons in Victoria, and all-inclusive lessons for children in the Northern Territory. That isn't even mentioning the hundreds of hours of training, free lessons, inclusive programs and accessible equipment that thanks to you, we could provide all over the country.

For more information about what the YMCA is up to, you can follow the YMCA Australia Facebook page.

We'd like to send our thanks and appreciation to everyone who ever participated, fundraised, donated, worked behind the scenes, supported and advocated for the YMCA Swimathon. Your outstanding efforts made, and continue to make, outstanding things happen.

Thank you,
YMCA Swimathon team