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​Access to Education and Training

Did you know?

  • Females are more likely than males to be engaged in formal study, with 20% of females currently studying towards a qualification compared with 18% of males (ABS, 2014)
  • Of those engaged in formal study, approximately 1.2 million (40%) were attending a higher education institution, 851,100 (29%) were at school, 508,200 (17%) were at Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions and 389,300 (13%) were at other educational institutions (ABS, 2014)
  • 26% of young people believe their qualification assists them in joining the work force for the first time, while 21% believe it assists them in performing the same job to a higher standard or undertaking additional duties. Almost one-fifth (18%) of people believed their highest qualification has no impact on their current employment (ABS, 2012)

Access to quality education is a basic human right. In Australia, enrolment rates in both primary and secondary school and tertiary education continue to increase, as do levels of educational attainment for young people in general. However rates of enrolment and level of educational attainment vary greatly for different sub-groups of young people within society. There is an increasing recognition that work readiness begins at school and that the transition from school to work is incredibly important for young people and could involve a variety of training, further education or work experience options for young Australians.

Vote now to see change to access to education and training.