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Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability

Did you know?

  • The global average temperature for 2014 was 0.69°C above the 20th century average, the 38th consecutive year with above average global temperatures (The Climate Council, 2015)
  • Across Australia, 1-in-20 year extreme hot days are expected to occur every two to five years by the middle of the century (IPCC, 2012)
  • United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has warned that humanity has never faced a greater challenge (United Nations, 2014)
  • Compared with other groups, children have increased vulnerability to all expected physical health impacts from climate change—extreme weather, natural disasters, infectious diseases, air pollution impacts, nutritional deficits, water borne diseases, food borne diseases, and heat related health impacts (Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth, 2011)
  • There is a high level of awareness and concern among young people about the environment including climate change impacts (Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth, 2011)


There is a great deal of evidence suggesting that human-influenced climate change is going to be one of the greatest social, political and economic challenges of all time. How we respond to the potential threat of climate change and its associated social and environmental impact is of great concern to many young Australians particularly as the majority of the effects will be felt by future generations.

Are you passionate about the effects of Climate Change? Vote it in and it will be debated in Parliamentary Chambers by young people on behalf of young people during 2015.