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​Healthcare, Disability and Mental Health

Did you know?

  • There are over 150,000 young people living with a disability in Australia (Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies, 2012
  • 1/5 young Australians are likely to be experiencing mental illness but more that 60% do not feel comfortable seeking professional help (Mission Australia, 2014)
  • Females aged 15-19 years old were twice as likely as males to be experiencing mental illness; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people were more likely than non-indigenous young people to be affected and young people with a disability are also more likely to be affected than those without (Mission Australia, 2014)


Access to effective and affordable healthcare, disability and mental health services is important for all Australians. Issues such as depression, suicide, anxiety, and poor self-esteem or body image effect many young people in our communities.

Young people living with a disability face increased challenges accessing education and employment and are often marginalised in discussions regarding issue affecting them.

Does this concern you? Make sure you vote for Healthcare, Disability and Mental Health to see the change you want.