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Wednesday, 20 September 2017
Important message for all YMCA employees and volunteers across Australia

We are also concerned about the impact on the mental health of young people of the debate in progress as the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey gets underway.  We are committed to creating safe spaces and environments for young people to contribute to the conversation.

Through our WhyNot platform, we have championed all young peoples’ voices on the issue and campaigned to ensure more are enrolled to vote, informed, and eligible to have their say.

When we first decided that we would stand up for young peoples’ voices on issues that really mattered to them, including marriage equality, we knew it wouldn’t always be easy.  And it hasn’t been. 

But together, we are proud that we have acted on our belief in the power of inspired young people, listened to them, and taken action to ensure their voices are heard. 

We are committed to doing so even, or especially, when the going gets tough.

We know that as a Movement based on values of respect, tolerance, and equality we have an important role to play in creating harmonious and respectful environments for discussions both inside of the YMCA and in the communities where we work.

We ask all of our people to continue to show respect to each other, and to remember that what unites us, is greater than what divides us.

As the Australian Marriage Law Postal Surveys begin arriving in letterboxes this week, we encourage our staff and volunteers to complete the survey. You have the chance to ensure your voice is heard on the matter by our nation’s politicians, no matter what your stance is on this issue.  You can encourage others, including young people in and outside the workplace to have their voices heard by your example in completing the survey.

As with all discussions in the workplace, please remember when talking about the vote or these issues to be considerate at all times and if someone does not want to talk about it, show respect for their choice to not be involved in the discussions and/or take part in the survey.

Why not help shine a light on the issues young people are facing today?

And remember, if this issue or any other issues are causing you concern we encourage you to seek support.  Access your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) relevant to your YMCA

- R U Ok? website here
- Beyond Blue - ph: 1300 224 636
- Lifeline - ph: 13 11 14.

Yours sincerely

The CEOs of the YMCAs of Australia

Melinda Crole, YMCA Australia

Kate Phillips, YMCA Ballarat


Jane Robson, YMCA Bendigo


Alan Bray, YMCA Brisbane

Greg McMahon, YMCA Bundaberg

Michele Rowse, YMCA Manningham


Darren Black, YMCA Canberra

Shona Eland, YMCA Geelong


Brooke LeSueur, YMCA Grampians


Scott Dalgleish, YMCA INEA


Melissa Carlton, YMCA Hobart




Peta Virgo, YMCA Queanbeyan

Leisa Hart, YMCA NSW


Jodie Johnson, YMCA Launceston


Mark Sargent, YMCA Merchandising (Estore)



Andy Buckton, YMCA NT


Haydn Robins, YMCA SA


Peter Burns, YMCA Victoria


Steve McEvoy, YMCA Stanthorpe


Ross Kyrwood, YMCA WA

Glyn Davies, YMCA Whittlesea