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Wednesday, 22 November 2017
Our success will come from continuing to face into change

The 100th AGM was held at IKON park last Saturday, November 25th, and Melinda Crole, CEO from YMCA Australia said: 

"There is a wonderful collective spirit and desire to make the Y better. That’s a fact. There’s a clear collective belief in the power of inspired young people.

"We must go down roads that the YMCAs hasn’t dared venture before. Our world, its people and our environment are progressing down paths that we never thought before possible.

"Getting mixed up, challenging ourselves and ensuring we can experience our collective impact is essential to our success. I am honoured to be part of the dedicated group of people that are steering this ship through these waters of change and managing the balancing act that accompanies it.

"I’m here to tell you that our success will come from continuing to face into change, in all its beauty and all its challenges.

"We are more focused and more united than I ever remember and we are listening to each other and striving for better ways to make our collective stronger.

"We are journeying together.

"Make no mistake, we are forming a Movement here, with new, more robust belonging around one clear belief. And admittedly, we are all at different stages of that journey. But we are on it together.

"I believe with all my being that collectively outcomes release a power greater than any one individual alone. I believe with all my being that we have, together, a pivotal role in increasing the agency and voice of children and young people in Australia. If we don’t – who will?"

- Melinda Crole, CEO, YMCA Australia