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Thursday, 4 April 2019
Budgets to win the Election but not Youth Vote says YMCA

Our verdict is in.  Once again, the voices of young people have been ignored by politicians. We need more from our leadership.  We need big, bold ideas – the kind that young people possess in bucket loads.  They have told us major reform is vital – to reshape education, halt climate change, and overhaul our taxation and social support systems – to create an environment in which all Australians can thrive.    

At the Y we believe in an intergenerational approach to leadership, and are currently walking this path in establishing our own Office for Young People and Community Impact  Something politicians might consider, to surround  a Federal Minister for Young People, which is a vital appointment in increasing young people’s agency. And finally, why not let 16 year olds who want to vote, do so?   It’s not too late. C’mon Australia. We can be better. 

Melinda Crole National CEO, the Y in Australia  

Ross Kyrwood, National Advocate for Young People, the Y in Australia