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Thursday, 28 November 2019
Life Governors Appointed - Peter Malone & Alan Morton

Chris Lewis, President of YMCA Australia, proudly awarded Peter Malone and Alan Morton as life governors at the 102nd YMCA AGM held on Saturday 23rd November 2019.

“I have had the pleasure of working with these two gentlemen during my time at the Y and could not think of two more worthy recipients of life governorships. The Y is a stronger and better place because of the efforts of these two,” Chris said. 

Peter Malone
Peter served with the Eaglehawk YMCA prior to the amalgamation of the three YMCA’s in the Bendigo region. At the time of the amalgamation, he was the Eaglehawk President and was subsequently elected as the inaugural President of the Bendigo Regional YMCA where he held numerous positions over the years.
Peter has served on the boards of YMCA Victoria and YMCA Australia, holding various positions including the position of President of YMCA Victoria and President of YMCA Australia throughout this time. He also served in the role of Acting CEO for YMCA Australia during a time of crisis for the National body in which he became the calming influence, offered significant support for staff and allowed operations to continue.
Peter has represented Australia within the Asia Pacific Alliance of YMCA’s for over 8 years and held the position of Vice President for APAY. 
Peter has been involved with the YMCA for over 30 years.

Alan Morton
Alan has served on the Ballarat YMCA Board, YMCA Victoria Board and the National Board of YMCA Australia, serving a term as President and sitting on committees including Finance & Risk, Licensing & Member Development, International, and Governance & HR. Alan has also served on the Executive Committee of the Asia Pacific Alliance of YMCA’s, and continues to sit on the Executive Committee of the World Alliance of YMCA’s for which he is currently the chair of the Strategy Committee.
Alan is passionate about ensuring that we have authentic, values based leadership in our YMCAs at local, national, regional and World levels. Leadership that respects our wonderful history – but is contemporary, relevant and inspirational. Leadership that will not only take the Y to new places – but shall provide exemplary, transformative leadership in the communities we serve.
Alan has owned and operated his own regional architectural practice for nearly 30 years, providing him with strong business, financial and interpersonal skills. As an architect he continues to work closely and creatively with people and communities to deliver community projects that are sustainable (environmentally, socially and economically), that enhance connection, experience and wellbeing.
Alan has served the YMCA in a volunteer capacity for over 25 years.