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​​Making a YMCA Redress Claim

If you wish to apply for YMCA Redress you can either complete an application online, or download a copy to complete and return via email or post.

Please complete as much of the form as you are able to and feel comfortable with.  You may also wish to have a support person assist you in completing the application form.

Please note that if you make an application using our online form, unfortunately it is not possible to save the application and come back to it at a later point in time.  However you will have the opportunity to bring additional information or documents to the YMCA Redress Panel, if you feel they would be relevant to your application.

Download PDF app​lication     Submit online application


If you require additional assistance in completing the form or have any questions in relation to the application process, please feel free to contact:

Jacki Whitwell, YMCA Redress
Phone: 1800 981 123
Email: redress@ymca.org.au

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