What happens if I'm leaving Australia

If you’ve come to Australia after 1 July 2002 on an eligible temporary resident’s visa or if you’re a non-resident leaving Australia permanently, you may be eligible for the “Departing Australia Super Payment” (DASP).


The main things you need to know:

1. To claim you must be either a non-resident or on an eligible temporary resident’s visa.

2. You can’t make a claim if you’re an Australian citizen, permanent resident or New Zealander

3. You must make the claim once you have permanently departed Australia

4. Claims are made as a cash lump sum and cannot be rolled over in to another overseas fund.

5. Your benefit will generally be taxed at 35%.

6. If you do not claim your superannuation benefit within 6 months of permanently departing

    Australia we will be required to transfer your account balance to the ATO Unclaimed Superannuation register.  You will then need to apply to the ATO for your entitlement.


You should get in touch with the Department of Immigration and Indigenous Affairs for the forms and information on the process.  You are able to do this online via www.immi.gov.au

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