​How can you bring belief to life in the day to day delivery of your services?

​​To help further bring our YMCA belief to  life in 2018 for our customers and teams,  

you are invited to attend a national YMCA  Belief workshop,

Hosted by the Chair of  the ​

YMCA Belief Council  

Simon Hammond.jpg

Simon Hammond ​

​will explore the reason why each of our key service lines matter to the community we serve and how they link to the  overarching YMCA belief. ​​
​is to bring together staff and volunteers who work across some of our key services lines to develop this deeper understanding of how all parts of the Y contribute to bringing our belief to life.
​will be dynamic, interactive and collaborative, using the same approach as we adopted to uncover the Y’s overarching belief in the power of inspired young people.
They will also help us communicate our belief through our key service offerings both to customers and our own teams.