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​​​​Be a YMCA Change Agent

The YMCA Change Agent Program is an International Leadership Development Program to empower young people and grow the ability of the YMCA movement, with special emphasis on local associations to positively impact the life situation of young people in the world based on the YMCA Change Model of

The program is coordinated by the World YMCA, and will engage 300 young leaders in 2015-2016 in training opportunities (on line and face-to-face), projects and initiatives on local and global level and will provide a mentorship service for continuous support.​

Collectively Change Agents are a resource for action. They are champions for change and impact within the YMCA Change Model framework. All participants of the program are expected to implement at least one project during 2015-2016.

What Does a Change Agent do within the YMCA Change Model Framework?

• Engages with and uses Space as a convener, connecting point, place for belonging and building of character and self-esteem. Promotes and uses YMCA Spaces for young people to act, realise, and fulfill their potential.

• Takes part in Transformation as learners themselves and as promoters of learning and sharing. Learning involves sharing best practices and broadening the understanding of the untold story of young people – where young people have critical concerns about issues of health, employment, civic engagement, and the environment.

• Focuses on Impact and takes action to engage in local realities as programme leaders, advocates, and voice for improved access to opportunities and impact for youth empowerment.​


​​If you are interested in becoming a change agent, please contact our Nationa​​l Youth Empowerment Coordinator Steven Dupon at: steven.dupon​​​​@ymca.org.au

​We will soon be recruiting Change Agents for 2017 - 2018 so register your interest and be involved in the most exciting world movement to date.​​​

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