​​​​YMCA is a recognized training organisation, with vocational schools and school workshops 

The YMCA offers a wide range of quality nationally accredited courses. All qualifications are delivered through a flexible delivery style, providing you with the ability to fit your studies in around your work and personal commitments.

Aside from formal education YMCA also delivers curriculum based programs and youth empowerment workshops.

Training and Education

For more information about the formal training opportunities within YMCA please visit our training page​

Vocational Schools

The YMCA Vocational School offers a positive school alternative to assist disengaged students to achieve their full potential through positive educational studies, activities, and outcomes. 

For more information about the vocational school please visit Brisbane YMCA's schools website​​.

YMCA School Pro​​grams

YMCA can work with your school to support the education provided. We have a range of school programs and workshops available that focus on youth empowerment, leadership and development. Below are two examples but please check with your local YMCA to get more information on what's available for your school.

​YMCA Evolve​​

YMCA Evolve is a leadership and self-development program specifically designed to be run in schools for students in Grade 6, Year 8 and Year 10. The program design is flexible, and can be tailored in content and format to suit your school and your students. Find more information about Evolve here.​

YMCA School Workshops

​Our school workshops are developed in partnership with local teachers and students, designed to address the key issues that young people are dealing with in our area. Topics include things like improving mental health and building resilience, stopping bullying, increasing positive body-image and developing leadership skills.​ Find more information about our workshops here 

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