YMCA's Young Entrepreneur's Programs

Australia is facing some of the highest youth unemployment and underemployment rates in recent times, particularly in regional centres. YMCA works to develop entrepreneurial skills in young people and empowers them to think entrepreneurially. We encourage young people to create jobs as an empowered response to the current job climate.


Launchpad is a fun three day program that will:

  1. Inspire you to explore your passions.
  2. Develop your skills and ideas.
  3. Show you the power of social enterprise.
  4. Introduce you to passionate, like-minded people from around the country who believe anything is possible.

The program is led by successful social entrepreneurs who are young people making a big difference, sharing first hand experiences of what social enterprise is all about and how dreams can become reality. For more information about YMCA Launchpad click here.


Youth for Causes.jpgYouth for Causes is a catalyst to ignite social entrepreneurship, community leadership and social and environmental responsibility amongst young Victorians aged 15-25 years.

Through an immersive six month program, teams of 4-5 students will receive the training, mentorship, networks and seed funding ($2,000!) they need to create a ‘real life,’ self-initiated enterprise for a social cause they care about.

The program is designed as an ‘entry point’ to social enterprise, empowering participants to recognise and unleash their potential to develop creative, innovative and sustainable businesses with purpose at heart.

Working closely with a mentor from their charity of choice as well as an innovation/ enterprise mentor, participants will gain practical skills and invaluable experience to apply to both the task at hand and in all of their future entrepreneurial endeavors.

For more information about Youth For Causes click here