​​​YMCA empowers young p​eople through sports and recreation

The YMCA is Australia's leading organisation in Sports, Recreation and Fitness. YMCA offers a range of recreation and leisure activities; from art classes to gymnastics and community events. 

Each year we facilitate over five million participations in a sports program at YMCAs across the country, and over 1.5 youth participations in youth specific programs.

We manage 65 recreation centres and community stadiums, as well as a sailing club (in Canberra), two golf courses, a caravan park and an athletics centre.

How do we empo​wer young people at our recreation centres?

Through its recreation facilities YMCA empowers thousands of young people every day. We do this by:

  • providing opportunities of employment to young people
  • training and supporting our young staff (over 65% of our staff group is under 30)
  • provision of safe and welcoming places for young people
  • supporting youth participants to engage in positive activity
  • building young people's developmental assets through community based activity

​​YMCA intentionally builds youth empowerment in everything we do

Not just our programs and services delivered at our facilities are built on youth empowerment principles.
YMCA equally empowers our young staff by:

1. Being great managers and teachers to young employees. 

2. Genuinely engaging young staff in decisions that affect them - i.e. goal setting, vision creating.

3. Providing professional and personal development opportunities - both formal and informal.

4. Providing mentoring that empowers both staff and management.

5. Communicating and sharing the opportunities and successes of young and senior managers who were once casual employees, too, to help demonstrate the career pathways possible.

6. Inviting young people into meetings so they can learn more about the business and how the organisation works. This connects our young staff to our organisational goals. ​

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