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17 Reasons Why!

February 23, 2022 The Y in Australia

“This week I’ve been reflecting on my 17-year-old self – the age I left my family home in Perth, to pursue the dreams I had set for myself, on the other side of the country. It was a life-defining time for me – full of hope, my first real sense of freedom and the thrill of new opportunity (although it was terrifying at the same time). That feeling I had in my teens, of having the world at my feet, is in such distinct contrast with the experiences of so many young people over the past two years: experiences of opportunities lost, milestones skipped over and rites of passage missed out on. At 17 days into my new role with the Y today, I’m acutely aware of the vital role we can and need to play at the Y, in rebuilding hope with and for young people, and supporting them to navigate the long tail of the pandemic, including through access to meaningful, sustainable employment,” said Tal Karp, National CEO.

We are already a significant employer of young people across the nation, as well as a provider of services for young people – but what if we could do more?

Our Y Careers Agency is our solution to support young people into meaningful, secure jobs. Co-designed with young people, our goal is to create a skilled workforce pipeline of more than 30,000 young people for the care sector, to address youth unemployment and underemployment, and to tackle the national shortage of care workers. While we propose to start in care, our ambition is to broaden out to other industries.

Over coming weeks, we will be doing all we can to keep the Y in the minds of Government and Opposition leading up to the Federal election.

Keep an eye on our socials – and please share – as we highlight over coming weeks the many stories of our inspiring Y people, like Courtney, to celebrate their contribution to the Y; and to do all we can to keep Y Careers on the agenda.

If you’d like to read more about Y Careers, please see: Y Careers.

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