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A CEO Forum and Design Jam Breakdown

September 2, 2019 Youth Empowerment

Have you ever wondered what happens when you put a volunteer into a room full of CEOs and Executives?

You get a slightly overwhelmed young person.  A young person learning abbreviations for concepts they’ve never heard of, whilst trying to wrap their head around the complexity of process management systems.

Here is another question for you. What do you picture when you hear the words CEO and CFO? Intimidating old men in suits? Tight lipped women with their hair pulled back? Maybe, maybe not? Maybe that’s just me, or was me.

What I hope you do picture is a group of passionate, inspiring and incredible people, because that is what I now envision. People that, yes, might wear a suit, but much more than that, are eager to listen to the questions and ideas of young people working in their organisation. Young people on the ground, in the pool or even teaching handstands.

Moving forward we dove into creative thinking and flipped around ideas in a Commonwealth Bank led Design Jam Workshop. We looked into how to excel the YMCA as the Recreation provider of choice for customers, employees and council partners.  We identified issues, brainstormed, discussed, broke down and built up ideas, turning our concepts into final pitches. Despite some of our acting as questionable, the final ideas that came out of the workshop were daring, relatable and innovative.

It was invaluable for me to observe volunteers, staff, Management Executives and CEOs in discussion about a common theme and working towards a common goal.

Through my experience at the 2 day CEO Forum, held in Sydney on the 10-11th September, I felt listened to, valued and inspired as a young person.  It was an incredible privilege and eye opening opportunity.

By Tanya Mischler

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