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The Y in Australia is in the unique position of being both an employer and service provider to approximately 8,000 young people as part of its team of 12,000 paid staff and over 1,000 volunteers, when the Y is operating at full capacity. We provide services over 22 million times to Australians per annum, including 1.2 million engagements by young people across 580 sites, with 142 located in regional and rural areas.

How will the Y Career Agency work?

The Y Career Agency provides an end-to-end supported work placement and skills development Agency for young employees to support the development of their career portfolios:

  • Young people employed or placed with the Y Career Agency will become a ‘Y Associate’ and assigned their own ‘Agent’.
  • A platform with career coaching supports their development and is deployed to support on-the-job learning and micro-credentialing of skills.
  • Employability skills such as leadership and entrepreneurial skills are embedded into the program for each Y Associate.
  • A smartphone app keeps the Y Associates connected to each other and job specific learning and certification requirements.
  • Access to government funding support for training and employment (where applicable) is navigated by Y Careers agency for each Y Associate.

The Y Career agency will ensure also that the young person is encouraged to enrol in relevant microcredentials, short courses, tertiary courses and apprenticeships to support their career portfolio development.

For young people, it provides a way to navigate the complex, uncertain, ever-changing jobs market. As
a ‘Y Associate’ they will receive in-person and online coaching to support their personal placement and learning plan.

For employers, it will ensure young employees are fit-for-purpose, in developing the suite of skills now so valued by employers across multiple sectors and support specific on the job skill requirements in partnership with the employer. Government funding support will also be navigated for eligible Y Associates in the area of wage support and training.

For Governments, it will provide policy guidance for reform of industrial relations in the emerging post-Covid-19 economic reality.

What is a ‘Career Portfolio’?

The Y’s focus in developing Young People’s career portfolios is not the traditional approach as the career ladder metaphor no longer reflects the nature of the job market.

Under a career portfolio approach, we shift our focus from jobs to skills and capabilities that prepare young people for being able to optimally engage with their work. This enables young people to unlock more diverse work opportunities and apply their skills laterally.

Key elements and services

  • Wraparound employment support
  • Job matching and placement
  • Coordination support
  • Career coach
  • Training and learning

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