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Being Heroic, Creative and Nurturing

September 22, 2021 The Y in Australia

As I write my second last message for Y News as National CEO, I cannot help but want it to focus on the importance of us being heroic, creative and nurturing to ensure a meaningful future of work for our young people.

“Australia is one of the most prosperous nations on earth, yet it’s failing the young” was the title of a recent Sydney Morning Herald article. They took the words right out of my mouth.

We already knew (from data emerging in 2018) that the current generation were at serious risk of being the first in memory to have lower living standards than their parent’s generation – COVID-19 simply increased the likelihood of this undesirable label.

New research by Melbourne University economists underscores how miserable the past decade has been for young workers. The going was tough for them long before COVID-19. Then the pandemic arrived and disproportionately disrupted the service industries where most young Australians were employed including hospitality and retail. See full article here

Our belief in the power of inspired young people means that we need to be agile and innovative in seeking ways to assist young people with their employment (to be inspired) – both as an empowering employer of young people but also more broadly as advocates for their support and their futures.

This is why we continue to advocate for funding for our Y Careers Agency initiative and for employers to be aware of how amazing young people are as employees.

I’m really proud to announce that from mid-October, Susannah LeBron has agreed to lead this initiative for the National Board as the National Advocate for Young People’s employment. Susannah’s passion for this initiative has been unwavering and her commitment to the collaborative leadership model is evident in her taking up this role. Thank you Susannah.

Please take care of your own wellbeing everyone – here’s a Stanford article on zoom fatigue and some quick fixes.

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