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Ukraine YMCA update

March 5, 2022 Global

We stand in solidarity with our global, regional alliances and local YMCAs in the Ukraine and Russia, in support of peace and stability across the globe and would like to express our deep concern and support for our Ukraine and Russian YMCAs, their regions and communities they serve.

We also stand with, acknowledge and support our brave young people in the region and across the globe, who call for peace and stability.
YMCAs in Ukraine and our young people and colleagues are already suffering the consequences of this unpredictable crisis.

As an organisation, we stand together to unite people and to preserve human dignity and safety.

Y Australia is so proud to be part of a Movement that has for many years run peace-building programs, and created safe spaces for reconciliation and conflict resolution, by empowering young people.

The Y, here in Australia, will continue to create safe spaces to pursue peace, understanding and reconciliation.

Hear more from our colleague and friend Viktor Servulov, National Secretary General of YMCA Ukraine, sharing an update from Kiev:

We commend YMCA Europe for their immediate response and action, and want them to continue to mobilise resources and meet needs (refugee support, rehabilitation of facilities etc.) in our YMCAs in Ukraine and the communities they serve.

World YMCA and YMCA Europe will keep us updated as the situation evolves.

See World YMCA and YMCA Europe.
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