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The Y’s first online youth-led solutions summit!

June 12, 2020 Youth Empowerment

We were so pleased to support an important discussion on what the COVID-19 pandemic means for young people and to collectively think of what we want the future to look like.  Thank you to our excellent panellists for their insights and perspectives – and to the over 160 attendees for involvement, enthusiasm and ideas contributing to this conversation.

Special thanks to:

Host and moderator: Elsa Tuet-Rosenberg (Director of Training, Democracy in Colour)

Cat Nadel (Campaigns Director, Young Campaigns)

Hayley McQuire (Head of Education at FYA)

Kergen Angel (Youth Parliament Coordinator, YMCA Victoria)

Zoë Robinson (Advocate for Children and Young People, NSW)

We’ve summed up the conversation and highlights from the day, check it out below!

What societal change do young people want to see and participate in after lockdown?

  • Re-imagining education to be more flexible and centered around the learner – a one size fits all approach doesn’t work!
  • Creating a more inclusive, diverse and equitable learning system!
  • Ensuring our recovery from COVID-19 incorporates technology and support systems for wellbeing that have worked during the pandemic;
  • Establishing a more accessible and practical approach to civic engagement: to ensure all people can have a voice in the decisions that concern them;
  • Providing young people with exposure to leadership opportunities and giving them ownership over how they take part in the systems like politics and education that concerns their future; and
  • Opening up pathways back to employment through short and long term solutions from building new skills to ensuring the social safety net will support people until they are back at work.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

While this event highlighted the impact young people can and already are having in re-imagining our society, the work isn’t over yet. With the Federal Budget for 2020 looming, we want to make sure young people have a seat at the table.

To take this action forward here are three key activities you can get involved with right now:

  • Want the conversation to continue? Share your voice by submitting a piece to the WhyNot platform: contributors will receive $100 per published piece. Go to for more info.
  • Learn more about Young Campaigns and the National Indigenous Youth Education Coalition.
  • Want to know more about self-care during COVID-19 and beyond? Join the Y’s free self-care webinar on Wednesday 17 June, 11am (AEST): Register here
  • Register your interest with FYA’s Local and Vocal campaign to get support on sharing your experiences and ideas directly with politicians ahead of the 2020 Federal Budget!

Many thanks from the team at FYA and the Y!!

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