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Ian Howard’s great legacy in today’s Age newspaper

February 8, 2022 The Y in Australia

A talented caring and compassionate ‘survivor’

Today’s Age newspaper featured an article dedicated to the Y’s Life Governor, Ian Howard and his incredible legacy.

Ian Howard was a remarkably accomplished man and an extraordinary survivor. Howard had survived childhood polio and double pneumonia, the early death of his father, World War II, including D-Day landings, and finally COVID-19, to die peacefully in his sleep at the age of 98.

Howard had significant involvement with the YMCA, from 1947, and in 1952 he joined the national board, eventually being appointed life governor of the national council in 1988.

He was chairman of trustees of the YMCA super fund and through his astute stewardship he made significant gains to the funds profitability, which then enabled thousands of young people to be trained to operate local sporting facilities.

His significant achievements were recognised widely by many awards, such as an ANZAC of the year medal in 1993.

See our tribute to Ian Howard and his legacy video here.

(The Age article written by Geoff Fitzpatrick, Design Ambassador for the Design Institute of Australia).


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