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September 23, 2019 Equality

Leaders of the Y continue to seek business excellence. Ways our programs and services can best deliver to our customers and ways that will increase the financial capability of the Movement to grow and develop. Design, innovate, continually learn and most of all, understand those we serve. At the heart of understanding is inclusion. Did you realise that as of today we have equal gender representation across our CEO cohort in Australia. An historic first.

McKinsey’s report – Women in the Workplace, evidences the benefits of women in the workforce and after studying the performance of over 50,000 managers, the business units with a higher concentration of women in management (eg. 40-50% women) performed better. Their operating margins, client retention and employee retention all were 10% higher, with employee engagement being 14% higher.

Melinda Crole, Y Australia’s CEO caught up with Patricia Pelton, World YMCA’s President, earlier this month in Japan. Patricia was thrilled to hear this news from Australia, and said “It is time to see equality reflected in the women represented on Y Boards and in Senior Management”.

Patricia Pelton is the World YMCA’s first female President, and was nominated to the position in July 2018.

“It is time” Patricia said. “When our Canadian Prime Minister was elected in 2015, he immediately appointed his congress, and appointed women into leadership positions. He was asked, ‘Why do you have so many women, that make up 50%?’, and he said – ‘because it is 2015!’ As women in Canada, we all really appreciated that, because it had been a long time that we had been pushing for equal representation, equal rights, equal pay – all the things that women are still behind on, and we are still having to work hard for, so we really appreciated him saying – ‘it is just time’”.

Melinda Crole, Y Australia’s CEO said “Gender equality representation at our Senior Management level in Australia is no longer a conversation, but now a reality. Well done Australia Ys.

“We welcome the fact that we now see gender equality in action in a tangible way across Australia.

“What’s exciting is that we’re now seeing extremely intelligent and competent women stepping into positions that weren’t a possibility for them in the past, not because they didn’t have the capability, but because they didn’t have the opportunity.

“As we get better at gender equality in Ys across the globe, I believe we’ll see a much richer, robust and sustainable organisation as a result. I completely agree with Patricia Pelton, it is time,” Melinda said.

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