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It’s time to share your voice on climate change

March 5, 2020 Youth Empowerment
Young people, youth workers and leaders across the YMCA are increasingly concerned about the impact of climate change.

The World YMCA has started a wide-ranging Global Climate Consultation, where you can have your say. Your contribution will help shape the World YMCA’s position paper on climate change – just one of the first steps taken in this direction.

The World YMCA is preparing a Position Paper on Climate Change, which will help shape how the Movement sees this issue and will lay out relevant proposals. This will be the first step of a broader strategic direction, and further on a more detailed Policy Paper will be developed, together with an action plan.

Join us in shaping the YMCA’s global position on climate change, in a spirit of collaboration and sharing! Your contribution, experience and knowledge will help make the YMCA position more relevant and closer to the grassroots reality.

Share your voice and let’s amplify our impact together! click here

Please submit your answers by March 15.

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