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Our commitment to safeguarding children globally

August 12, 2022 Safeguarding children

At the Y’s recent global gathering, held in Aarhus, Denmark in July 2022 (the 20th YMCA World Council) – Ys around the world (120 of them) voted to continue to amplify safeguarding and strengthen our safeguarding policies and practices globally. As a global movement, we declare our stance against abuse of children, young people and adults and strongly condemn all forms of harm and neglect.

At the Y, we would also like to pay our respects to all victims and survivors of abuse. We recognise the lifelong impact that child sexual abuse may have and are dedicated to doing everything we can to empower all children and young people to feel safe and be safe at the Y, in their families and in their communities.

“This is an incredible moment in our history. Not only did we align on a global strategy, we also showed to all children, young people and victims/survivors, that as a global movement, we believe in children and young people. We believe in their right to be heard, respected, included and to feel and be safe. This is our first major step in implementing a global safeguarding framework across our global movement and I truly believe the Y in Australia can support the global movement in this work!” – Phil Doorgachurn, Acting CEO, Y Safeguarding.

Offering safe spaces for kids to enjoy being kids is one of our greatest privileges. Whether it’s at a Recreation Centre, an Early Learning Centre, an Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) program, gymnastics or a camp – we offer so many programs and services for Children and Young People – places of connection and belonging.

As one of the largest employers of young people – we are committed to ensuring that children and young people feel safe, and are safe, at the Y, in their communities and in their families.

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