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Planning for a stronger, more inclusive Y

July 27, 2021 Diversity & Inclusion

Planning for the Y’s future to ensure it was safer, more inclusive and impactful for more young people continued on Saturday 24 July in a Strategic Forum hosted by the Y Australia National Board.

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and an updated licensing framework that enabled greater impact and growth opportunities for the Y across Australia were the key agenda items, along with an outline of a plan to co-design the next iteration of the Y in Australia’s Strategic Framework.

Members of the National Board, Y CEOs, and executive staff took part, all showing a united commitment to DEI across the Y and strengthening the Y through its existing membership mechanisms, whilst noting that shared behaviors and aligning to strategy was of equal importance.

A recent positive example of Y’s working together with the National Board to solve challenges presented by the existing licensing framework was celebrated, with Victorian Ys cooperating to focus on to their individual strengths in the areas of contract recreation management, inclusion services and kindergarten delivery – and transferring operations to the member with the greatest capacity and expertise across each service area.

An ongoing DEI conversation across the Y is being facilitated by the National Office for Young People and Community Impact, with Saturday’s conversation focusing heavily on risk and the strategic importance of diversity in thinking to business and social outcomes.

National President Ben Hubbard said diversity, equity and inclusion were fundamental to the Y’s mission, and the conversation was “pushing on open doors”.

He acknowledged that Saturday’s conversation, led by Leon Cunningham, founder of the SBS Inclusion Program, was ‘not the start, but more the start of the start’ and was “a long way from an end”.

Leon reminded the forum that there was significant evidence that diversity of thinking enhances innovation in organisations by 20%.

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