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The Y and ACF awarded $3M by Westpac to support business to fight child abuse

October 14, 2021 Safeguarding children

Y Australia in partnership with the Australian Childhood Foundation has been awarded a $3M Westpac Strategic Partnership grant over three years to help business drive action on safeguarding children.

The grant was part of $9.2 worth of funding awarded to 26 organisations by Westpac as part of their Safer Children, Safer Communities program.

The ACF in partnership with the Y were awarded the 2021 Strategic Partnership Grant, to work with the Australian business sectors such as telecommunications, travel and tourism, finance and technology platforms, to assess risks to children and young people.

Y Safeguarding – the Y’s new safeguarding charity – will work closely with the ACF in sharing with the business community the considerable knowledge and experience both organisations have gained in working together for many years to ensure children and young people are not only safe from harm, but thrive.

“This is wonderful recognition for our continued efforts and focus on safeguarding children and young people,” said Ben Hubbard, Y Australia President.

“This is an incredible investment by Westpac over the next three years. The Australian Childhood Foundation and Y Australia will work in partnership with Australian businesses to make sure they have the knowledge and confidence they need to stand up for children and young people and take action to keep them safe,” said Dr Joe Tucci, CEO, the ACF.

Further details on the announcement can be found here.

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