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The Y and Larrakia Nation’s cultural connection

January 20, 2021 The Y in Australia

The Y and Larrakia Nation have been working collaboratively for more than 7 years. In the Top End of the Northern Territory, the Y works and plays on Larrakia land, and we acknowledge and pay respect to the Larrakia people’s continuing connection to land and sea. The partnership with Larrakia Nation and their support brings together our two strengths – the Y’s expertise in managing and delivering high quality programs for young people, and Larrakia Nation’s strength in providing cultural connection and activities for Indigenous adults and young people. Through this partnership, the Y and Larrakia Nation manage the Palmerston Youth Centre, deliver cultural activities in the School Holidays for young people in Darwin and Palmerston, and take First Nations young people on cultural immersive camping experiences.

This collaboration also builds our cultural competence as an organisation, ensuring that all experiences are rich in culture and culturally safe, through shared learning and cultural awareness training.

Working in partnership with Larrakia Nation, gives young people confidence to embrace opportunities, confidence and comfort in themselves as individuals and as part of a community. The Y and Larrakia Nation both have a strong commitment to training and development and by working together, we are increasing the number of young people accessing development opportunities and securing and retaining meaningful employment.

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