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The Y’s Response to the Australian Human Rights Commission’s Independent Review into Gymnastics in Australia

May 4, 2021 Gymnastics

Yesterday, 3rd May 2021, the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) released a report publishing its key findings and presenting 12 recommendations for an extensive culture change for gymnastics in Australia.

The Y fully supports these 12 recommendations and the adoption of the recommendations to ensure that gymnastics in Australia is a safe and inclusive sport for all children and young people.

Along with Gymnastics Australia, we also thank the athletes and other community members who engaged in the review process and acknowledge their bravery in doing so. You can view Gymnastics Australia’s statement on the published report here.

The Y would like to encourage athletes to report if they have any concerns. We also encourage everyone to tell someone if they see, hear or feel anything that makes someone unsafe in gymnastics.

The YMCA in Australia is committed to ensuring that all children and young people can feel safe and be safe at the Y, in their families and in their communities. To achieve this vision, we have implemented a safeguarding framework that holds the Y to the highest possible standards in keeping children and young people safe. Our Framework has children and young people at the forefront and incorporates the 10 National Child Safe Principles, child safety legislative requirements and international best practice.

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