At YMCA we want kids and young people to be fit and healthy!

At YMCA we are encouraging kids and young people to get active at a young age, make healthy life choices and establish healthy routines for life. We run specific Youth Gym sessions for kids and young people at many of our health centres as follows:

Youth Gym - Kids Gym - Teen Gym

Youth Gym members gain confidence and become healthier, happier and more comfortable with exercising. The healthy routines they establish and the knowledge they gain will serve them for the rest of their lives. All Youth Gym programs are age specific, supervised by qualified staff with verified Working with Children checks.

Youth Memberships

Many YMCA Fitness centres offer youth specific membership to encourage young people to attend the centre and participate in healthy lifestyle programs. These memberships are at a low cost and offer great value and benefit to any young person. 

Why we think youth fitness is important

Only six out of 10 children aged between five and 14 years participate in sport outside of school, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The Australian Health Survey conducted in April 2012 found that 25 per cent of Australian children and teenagers, aged five to 17 years, are overweight or obese, indicating that we need to foster a more sports-minded culture that encourages children to be physically active.

People who are active dramatically reduce their risk of many diseases, including heart disease and osteoporosis. Regular exercise is also known to reduce the risk of emotional problems such as anxiety and depression. Habits are established early in life and evidence suggests that physically active children are more likely to mature into physically active adults.

YMCA believes that Body, Mind and Spirit are strongly connected. There is a clear correlation between physical and mental health and therefore YMCA will continue to provide programs and services in both areas.