Y Strategy 2030

A better world, with and for young people.

That’s our bold new Vision for the Y in Australia.

Strategy 2030

Y Australia’s Strategy 2030 is our blueprint for how we will work together, collectively, over the next 7 years, across the 650+ communities in Australia in which the Y operates, and beyond. 

Co-designed by more than 200 Y people, and driven by our Youth Voice Steering Group and Member Strategy Squad, Y Australia’s Strategy 2030 is our way of bringing together our local impact, with our national scale and our global influence. 

And for the first time in YMCA global history, in the face of the world’s most pressing challenges, the Y stands as one global movement – across 120 member countries and 12,000 communities – with one global mission and four global pillars:

– Community wellbeing
– Meaningful work
– Sustainable planet
– Just world

Community wellbeing
The Y is committed to providing high-quality, relevant, and sustainable health and wellbeing solutions to young people and communities, contributing to a measurable increase in the wellbeing of the young people and communities we reach.

Meaningful work
The Y is committed to creating and advocating for meaningful, just, and fair education, training and employment opportunities and working conditions for this, and future generations

Sustainable planet
The Y is committed to acting to decrease our carbon footprint, support sustainability solutions, and contribute to regenerating the earth. 

Just world
The Y is committed to defying discrimination, inequity, injustice, and systemic racism; and amplifying young people as agents of change for an equal and safe world.

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