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Report any safeguarding concerns here

Y Safeguarding safe@the-y.org.au  ymca.org.au
Y Ballarat talksafely@ymca.org.au yballarat.org.au
Y Brisbane safeguarding@ymcaBrisbane.org ymcabrisbane.org
Y Bundaberg bundyyouth.coord@ymcabundaberg.org.auFile:White box 28x52.png - Wikipedia bundaberg.ymca.org.au
Y Canberra safeguardingcanberra@ymca.org.au ymcacanberra.org.au
Y Geelong geelong@ymca.org.au geelong.ymca.org.au
Y Hobart safehobart@ymca.org.au hobart.ymca.org.au
Y NSW safeguarding@ymcansw.org.au ymcansw.org.au
Y Northern TerritoryFile:White box 28x52.png - Wikipedia safeguarding@ynt.org.au nt.ymca.org.au
Y South Australia safety@ymcasa.org.au sa.ymca.org.au
Y Victoria Safeguardingchildren@ymca.org.au victoria.ymca.org.au
Y West Australia safeguarding@ymcawa.org.au ymcawa.org.au
Y Whittlesea contact@ywhittlesea.org.au whittlesea.ymca.org.au


Helping you keep children and young people safe

Y Safeguarding is the Y’s national safeguarding charity. Following our experience after being named as Case Study 02 in the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, we have been on a significant journey to transform our safeguarding culture, operations and environment.  We are proud to now be at best practice standard across all of the sectors we work in, including Sport, Recreation, Early Years, Out of School Hours Care, Schools, Disability services and youth services. We also continue to self-audit all of our Member Ys, regularly.

We also want to share our learning with you to ensure all children and young people are safe in your settings, because we want to make sure that all children and young people feel safe, and are safe at the Y, in their families and in their communities.

We offer world-leading training and consulting services that help you keep children and young people safe. Therefore, if you need your policy reviewed, your organisation reviewed, some bespoke training or are not quite sure what you need, drop us a line and we will be happy to talk through your safeguarding needs.

Complete the quick form below and we will be in touch to help you keep all children and young people safe, and empowered.

We have also developed our own Feel Safe, Be Safe Framework which aspires to ensure that all Children and Young People are safe and feel safe at the Y, in their Families and in their Communities. Our Feel Safe, Be Safe Framework aims to develop: a safe culture nationally which empowers Children and Young People by promoting Children and Young Person focused leadership and governance; safe environments at the Y and in Communities which empower Children and Young People to thrive; and safe operations to ensure Y People have the right policies, processes and practices to keep Children and Young People safe.

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