Connect with others; unleash yourself!

At the Y, we love it when people come together.   Across Australia, we welcome over 5.5 million sports and recreation participations per year, managing 79 recreation facilities (stadiums/community centres), and 99 Health and Fitness Centres (49 dry and 50 multi/aquatic centres). The YMCA also provides 1.3 million Gymnastics participations a year, and we run 17 camps with over 134,000 campers each year.

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Connect with others – unleash yourself

We love it when people come together. When energy combines. When efforts are enhanced. To us, being active is not merely about fitness or sweat or toil. It’s about people, moving, together.

It’s the smell of chlorine, the shouts of encouragement and the splash of achievement.

It is balls bouncing on courts, whistles blowing and feet pounding. It’s makeshift teams, individual bests, organised competition and the constant strive to be rewarded for effort made. We love it when people come together. Because when they do, we know connections are made and we also know people feel better in who they are and where they belong. Ultimately, this belief in recreation, that has underpinned the Y story for 170 years, is based on the simple truth that being active enhances the potential of an individual by unleashing the best version of themselves. And that’s why we make it our mission to get people moving.


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