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Y Australia Statement on the Voice

June 1, 2023 The Y in Australia

Y Australia has been invited to join a movement of the Australian people, to walk with First Nations people for a better future. We consider a referendum on a First Nations Voice to Parliament as an important next step on that walk – the opportunity to change the Constitution so that First Nations people can finally have a say on policies and laws that affect their communities.

We recognise and respect that there are different opinions around the Voice, including amongst First Nations people. We note the invitation to support a Voice to Parliament came from First Nations people after an extensive process of regional dialogues that culminated in the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

In determining our position in support of the Voice, we have consulted with our members and our staff; and we have sought out and listened to the views of young people within the Y and in the broader Australian community.

Young people support the Voice to Parliament by a large majority. As the largest and oldest youth organisation in the world, the Y exists to empower children, young people and communities Australia-wide to build a just, sustainable, equitable and inclusive world. We believe that our strategic objective of amplifying the views of young people in shaping a just world is particularly important on this historic, and critical issue.

The Y believes in the power of young people and communities to promote and advance justice, peace, equity and human rights for all. We are committed to being a global voice in the fight against systemic discrimination, inequity, injustice and racism in all its forms.

Y Australia has already committed to the Uluru Statement from the Heart. We consider support for a Voice to Parliament as the critical next step in our reconciliation journey.

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