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Our Four Pillars of Impact

We are committed to creating a better world, with and for young people. As one of the largest employers of young people in Australia (with over half of our 12,000+ employees being young people), we are committed to creating and advocating for meaningful, just, and fair education, training and employment opportunities and working conditions for this, and future generations. See some of our programs and services here:

Y Careers – a new pipeline of young employees for the care economy

Established as a Charity in 2022, will help to address the issue of a national shortage of workers
in the care sector, by creating a pipeline of next generation workers for employers in the care industry, through a program that provides young people with:

  • a two-year traineeship
  • the support and coaching of a Career Agent, and
  • a choice of placements in a variety of care sector roles and organisations (while having
    the stability of one employer – Y Careers).

Through $15.2 million of establishment funding committed by the Federal Government for
FY23, Y Careers will build a much-needed pipeline of 15,000 young workers over the next
5 years, across child-care, disability care and aged care sectors. See more here.

Rebuilding the lives of young people in the criminal justice system (Vic)

The Y’s ReBuild program supports young people involved in the criminal justice system
with a pathway to re-integrate back into the community through employment, connection
and belonging.

Focussed on reducing the rates of reoffending, ReBuild provides on-the-job training,
mentoring, employment and support to provide these young people with a second chance.
Since 2018, Rebuild has saved the Victorian Government more than $2.4 million in avoided
re-incarceration costs.

The rate of participants who reoffend within five years is less than 5%, compared
with the 44% average.

Some key stats on our Rebuild program for FY21-22:

  • There have been more than 8,000 participations in YMCA Bridge project/Rebuild.
  • 49 young people completed our ReBuild program.
  • ReBuild employed 34 young people, with 6 in new full-time employment.
    See more here.

Vocational Schools (Queensland) for disengaged students

Y Queensland’s vocational schools provide adjusted education programs and vocational training
to secondary students, who would benefit from an alternative learning environment. With
campuses across Brisbane, our schools support students in their journey to employment.
Students participate in programs dedicated to enhancing practical and personal skills, at a
pace that encourages school attendance, engagement and confidence.

We work in partnership with students to build their self-worth, resilience and the development
|of positive behaviours, to support young people to become happy, healthy adults and thriving members of our communities. We take a holistic, flexible, individualised approach to learning,
and provide a safe environment where all young people can enjoy a sense of belonging,
regardless of gender, sexuality, race, or difference.

98% of students across all Brisbane campuses successfully completed Year 12 in 2021.

There are currently 9 school campuses and 700+ students, mostly across South-East Queensland, including Bundaberg, and one campus in Perth, Western Australia. See more here.

Space Squad

Canberra has some of Australia’s greatest Space attractions, in fact, some of the first images
of a man walking on the moon were beamed from Honey Suckle Creek, a tracking Station in
Canberra. The Y in Canberra has developed a special camp program tailored toward young
people interested in all things “space”.

Y Canberra’s Space Squad is Australia’s only residential holiday camp program for students
in Years 6-9 who love Space. Over five packed days, our campers will be immersed in Space
and the Space Industry. It’s an experience not available anywhere else in Australia – for
young people who are our future astronomers, astronauts, engineers and scientists.

Find out more information about Space Squad here. 

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Our four pillars of impact, also check out what we do in the others below:

Also, see more in our 2023 Community Impact Report here.

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