Community Wellbeing

Our Four Pillars of Impact

At the Y, we believe that every person should have the capacity to grow and thrive in body, mind and spirit. The Y is committed to providing high-quality, relevant, and sustainable health and wellbeing solutions to young people and communities. Some of our community wellbeing programs and services include:


Children’s services

Youth services

Sport & recreation 

See more on ELCs here, and OSHC here. See more about our Youth services here. Sport & Recreation programs here.


Remote pools program supporting First Nations young people

Working in partnership with local communities, the Y NT’s remote pools project is
aimed at supporting First Nations peoples with their goal to improve the health of their
communities. Through a community-led approach, the program provides Indigenous
children and young people living in remote communities, such as Kintore, Santa Teresa
and Areyonga, with access to swimming pools, water safety education and health promotion
programs – delivering physical and social health outcomes hand-in-hand with local communities.
See more here.

“Our community pool is the best place for our kids to swim, especially when it’s hot.
It’s safer than the local waterholes around the community. The pool brings families together,
and kids are happy to see other kids. They don’t fight, they just play with each other,”

– Patricia Oliver, staff member.

Providing school access for remote Indigenous students (WA)

The Y WA’s Newman Remote School Attendance Strategy is all about supporting children to
attend school every day. Working in partnership with schools, families, parents, students,
and community organisations, the program helps identify ways to support school attendance
by remotely located, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

The program also provides opportunities to access junior sports programs. One student who
previously had their school administration in ‘lockdown’, as a result of his behaviour, was
supported to participate in an U16’s football team.

As a result of playing football, and the sense of belonging and connection he found with the
team, the school has seen a positive turnaround in the student, with a notable positive social
and emotional wellbeing outcome, according to the school. See more here.

Schools’ breakfasts for disadvantaged children (Brisbane)

Since 2006, Y Brisbane’s Schools’ Breakfast Program has supplied over 6.5 million
healthy breakfasts to children who might otherwise have gone without a nutritious
start to the day.

Supporting 200+ schools in lower socio-economic areas, the program provides breakfast,
equipment and support to schools in South East Queensland free of charge, so that children
have the best opportunity to make the most of their education and develop healthy eating

96.5% of schools surveyed reported they saw benefits for students as a result of their school’s
breakfast program, including improved school attendance, classroom engagement and an
increase in effective learning-related behaviours. See more here.

Assisting cancer survivors

Y Brisbane’s Cancer Survivor Program provides a free physical activity and support program
for anyone living with, through and beyond cancer. Supporting over 600 participants across
four sites since 2016, the purpose of the 12-week program is to empower cancer survivors to
improve their quality of life by increasing functional capacity and strength.

With the growing prevalence of cancer in Australia, Y Brisbane is committed to continuing to
provide access to physical activity programs and support for all cancer survivors.
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