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Commit to ‘Care Army’ of Young Australians to Solve Care Crisis, The Y tells Politicians

May 8, 2022 Y Careers
Australia is facing an economically and socially crippling shortage of care workers, but mainstream policy approaches are yet to find a solution, the CEO of The Y says. The Y has developed an innovative new approach that meets this need.

The Y, one of Australia’s largest youth organisations, has designed and costed a ready-to-roll-out program called The Y Careers Agency to recruit, train and support thousands of young people as they build long-term, rewarding careers in aged, disability and childcare sectors.

This program would deliver an ongoing pipeline of care workers however despite strong interest, neither major political party has committed to providing essential foundational funding.

“Young Australians tell us they want to work in the care sector, but until we get initial government support, they will continue to miss out on this opportunity,” Tal Karp, CEO of The Y says.

“This is particularly frustrating for young people in regional areas where youth unemployment and under-employment is high, and there’s a critical shortage of care workers.

“The Y is calling on all political parties to commit to a sustainable, long-term solution to both of these critical issues.”

The need to fix aged care and the National Disability Insurance Scheme is consistently ranking high in voter polls this election, including in key marginal seats up for grabs.

The Y’s own research found 42 ‘hot spot’ electorates around Australia where there were both above-average care worker shortages and youth unemployment and under-employment. Almost half of these hot spots were in regional areas.

“The Y looks forward to working with Government after 21 May, no matter the political persuasion, to put in place practical and immediate support for young people, and those struggling to deliver care services due to the workforce shortage,” Tal Karp says.

“In short, Australia can’t afford not to do this.”

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