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New Safeguarding Policy unanimously approved by Movement at AGM

December 1, 2020 Safeguarding children

The Y Movement in Australia unanimously approved the new Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy by the National Safeguarding Unit (NSU), at the National AGM on November 28, 2020,  The Policy is now publicly available on the Y’s safeguarding resources page along with an interactive version which was highlighted as an important addition to have based on feedback received during the consultation process.

The NSU are also currently developing a child-friendly version of the policy, along with a communications plan for Member Y Associations and an implementation guide on how to roll out the new policy and ensure all Y People are aware and updated of it.

This new policy is the result of an extensive consultation process with the Member Y Associations to ensure all Y People were invited and able to have their say in how the policy should be improved and implemented. During this process, the NSU received over 480 survey responses from Children and Young People, families and communities, Y People, Y Safeguarding Leads and our partner organisations. The NSU also engaged a diverse group of Y People through in-depth focus groups to ensure adequate feedback was heard and considered in the development of the new policy.

The policy is designed to align with the Y’s Safeguarding Strategy, Vision and Framework, and embeds other key pieces of work from the NSU such as the eCommitment, the National Safeguarding Risk Model and the Stay Safe, Tell Someone program. The NSU has also developed the first-ever national Safeguarding Guidance which complements the policy and supports Member Y Associations to embed the Safeguarding Framework and Policy initiatives in their respective Y’s.

After endorsing the Y’s first-ever national Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy in 2014, the National Safeguarding Unit (NSU) is proud to release the third version of the Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy.

Background on the National Safeguarding Unit (NSU)

The NSU was formed by consensus amongst the Y Associations of Australia in November 2018 as a collective commitment to the safety and wellbeing of Children and Young People in our programs, services and within their families and communities. Officially commencing in July 2019, the NSU team is made up of subject matter experts, headed by Phillip Doorgachurn, the National Executive Safeguarding Unit.

“The Y is committed to continuing to build upon this commitment by facilitating national collaboration and co-design of safeguarding initiatives and resources,” Phil said.

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