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Wednesday, 13 February 2019
2019 new collective initiatives for the Y Movement

In 2019 we turn our attention to what must be. With a clear purpose and strategy the time for action is now. It’s time for ensuring alignment in our strategies and actions across all YMCAs in Australia via a new system of collective and inter-generational leadership. 

Young people in Australia need us to act like this as a Movement, so we can thrive and increase their voice and agency, and hence a better future for all.

We must continue to embrace new initiatives and new ways of working.

And this year the Y in Australia is excited to introduce an Office for Young People and Community Impact, start employing staff in our Centralised Child Safety Unit, get cracking on major purchases together through Y Services, and develop a new brand identity so we are better understood for what we do.

•The Office for Young People and Community Impact is a two-year pilot, to deliver on our strategic ambitions and priorities to enable young people in Australia to have a stronger voice and be heard more clearly, and to measure and report our impact to the communities we serve.The Office for Young People includes Ross Kyrwood as National Advocate for Young People and Community Impact (1 day a week), Jayden Parsons, as Change Agents Taskforce Leader (1 day a week) Jacki Whitwell, Executive Manager of Impact Strategy and Georgie Nichol Project Coordinator. Many, many voices will also contribute to the development and outcomes of this Office.

•The Centralised Child Safety Unit will provide a consistent and effective approach to Child Safety across our sites, and bring a set of new skills, research and resource (5 full time roles) to build on the capacity and practice already imbedded in our YMCAs.

Y Services is now up and running so we can get better group purchasing deals.This support unit also incorporates merchandising – products made for the YMCA – and plans to further investigate shared services to improve our capacity to “Work as One”. Y Services is anchored by Glyn Davies and a system of procurement and merchandising experts and working groups from across the Y.

• In 2019 our National Leadership Team CEOs will take shared responsibility for our ambition to deliver sustainable, capable social businesses for the Y. They’ll work closely with the Belief Council and its Chair Simon Hammond and internal experts to further our brand identity as part of this, so we become understood for what we do, as well as who we stand for. 

An exciting year of Action for the Y in Australia!

Watch this video  message from our National CEO Melinda Crole, Glyn Davies, CEO of Y Services, and Ross Kyrwood, Jacki Whitwell and Jaydn Parsons from the Office for Young People and Impact.