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Wednesday, 27 February 2019
Gymnastics World Cup Medalist – began at the Y
22 year old Emma Nedov, daughter of YMCA Services Chair Richard Nedov, won a Silver Medal on the balance beam at the Gymnastics World Cup in Melbourne last weekend, while Richard was in town for a Y National Board meeting. Emma started her gymnastics career at 6 years of age at Epping Y, in Sydney, where Richard first became exposed to the Y and interested in its potential. Emma was also a strong competitor for the Australian team in China, where she made her senior debut at the World Championships in 2014 and finished in the top 10. This return to international competition comes after a snapped achilles tendon which kept her out of the Commonwealth games, she also missed two Olympics as a result of injuries. We are fortunate to have both Emma and Richard in the Y Family! Both great examples of how young people’s power can be unlocked, with the support of the Y, Richard as a father and director, and Emma, an inspiring young person, realizing her potential on a world stage.