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Tuesday, 12 September 2017
YMCA Global Study Tour launched

Inspired young person launches new YMCA business - YMCA Global Study Tours

Our belief in the power of inspired young people was tangibly demonstrated by the story of the development of a new business for the YMCA, which launched in early September - created by a young person for young people.

Jonathon or “Jono” Santamaria, 26, first worked for the YMCA in Whittlesea as a 21 year old on a 10 week project to create youth programs in Whittlesea - and ended up with a full time job. Later, he took two years leave and travelled the world working for a tour operator in Barcelona, Spain. Now he’s bringing his consolidated learnings, energy and creativity to bring a new business to the Y to empower young Australians to study abroad. YMCA Global Study launches on Tuesday, and will link young people with 3-4 week study courses during uni holiday breaks around the world. Empowering young Australians to study abroad! Young people may be eligible to access up to $6,500 towards their study abroad experience by using

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